What is the Youth Learning Festival (YLF)?
YLF is an expirential learning model, initiated in 2014 to provide young people with essential information, guidance and support on life and study strategies, vocational & higher education options, occupation and career choices.
We aim to help young people to develop study and learning tools and sklils for academic excellence in unision with social competence and emotional intelligence.

When and where?
YLF takes place during the end of the year high school holidays from early Dec to end of Jan. It is held at AEC Community College on Plot 3 Republic Street in Njeru Municipality, a couple of hundred meters to the Source of the Nile Bridge.

Who should not miss?
Secondary school students. Ordinary and advanced level semi candidates and finalists derive multiple benefits from participating in YLF’s.

What makes the YLF different?
Positive pedagogies, we put life and excitement into teaching & learning. Our digitally supported strategies empowers adolescents to become purposeful and early lifelong learners.
Current life needs first, we intergrate relevant content and connect it to life & education needs of adolescents.

Our priority areas of focus include:

  • Career Guidance & Study Skills
  • Internet & Social Media use and control
  • Photography and Videography
  • Foundational Computer Applications
  • Nutrition & Heallthy Living
  • Music, Dance Drama
  • Sexuality and Reproductive Health