Young people in high school need constant support and guidance to develop a set of learning tools to manage the dynamics involved in their changing study and life roles and responsibilities at home, at school and in their community.

Schools are often too busy with the routines of making teenage students pass school level and national tests and exams. Families are increasingly under siege and constantly struggling to create time and space to fulfil their socialisation function.

Yet, it is at this phase that young people badly need to be supported to further comprehend their self, society and world of work; and enhance personal management skills as well as career decision-making capabilities.

Compuline Career Academy designs and implements suitable career solutions to supplement and complement schools and families. High school young people benefit from our High School Career Guidance Model anchored around core psychological, social and cognitive blocks, which is a perfect navigational tool for learning and work exploration.


Tertiary education is a phase for clarifying and nurturing employment, professional and career ambitions and aspirations. Young people’s increased knowledge about work values, occupational capabilities and overall vocational maturity is a core-learning outcome. Universities are inherently better in developing job-specific theoretical competencies though often less on workplace intelligence.

This capability-gap has emotional, social and economic cost for students, families and entire society. Compuline Career Academy strives to contribute to tackling vocational immaturity and overall career management deficiencies amongst college and university students as well as graduates.


Meaningful life involves numerous transitions, education and work, being among the most impactful. Young people, old and older men and women constantly need thinking tools and emotional capabilities to juggle and navigate learning, work and family roles to live satisfying lives.

LIFE, the journey each one of us is making, should never be an aimless chase for whatever befell our way. Every single day, hundreds and thousands, actually millions of individuals grapple with making appropriate and informed choices whether for job or professional mobility.

For young people who are not in employment, education or training (NEETs), they are a generation with shuttered dreams and unexploited potential at the expense of individual and societal progress and transformation.

The range of services that working and non-working individuals at any age need to make educational, training and occupational choices; and to manage their careers is what MY Career Uganda strives to offer professionally.