In my congratulatory message on the graduation and commissioning of 102 nurses and midwives at Nyenga Nursing & Midwifery Training, I have argued the new graduates to reject and denounce Uganda’s 21st century social cancer.

Today, May 12, 2018, is a great day for all us whose efforts in all forms and dimensions have led to this remarkable celebration when God chosen young men and women are officially beginning their nursing career.

For our parents, guardians and sponsors, you deserve to celebrate and count yourselves as champions of responsible parenting. However, do not relax, now you have a new role to guide and counsel your daughters and sons to succeed in their new life as professionals. You will have to support them to choose a respectable personal and professional lifestyle.

For sure, you will never rest until they find suitable life partners to make happy and rewarding marriages and families. So far so good, but please parents and guardians do not relent, proceed with your responsible parenting roles.

To our new graduates, every single day, you pronounce through your anthem that God chose you to be nurses, to love and serve. The moment is now to demonstrate that indeed, you not only enjoy reciting the chorus and stanzas of your anthem, but your actions (words, deeds and thinkings) do speak of God chosen professionals. I am certain that our very competent tutors have done their best to help you develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are required of a God chosen professional nurse / midwife of our time.

While the skills and knowledge of biology, medicine, pharmacy or nursing is core to health professional practice, I understand that your anthem serves to keep you alert of the fundamental role of attitude. Poor attitude – and to be precise, unethical conduct and behavior is one of Uganda’s 21st century social cancer.   We are in a country where public thieves, embezzlers, killers and murderers profess the national motto of ‘For God and My Country’ when actually their actions speak loud of their alternative motto ‘ For the Devil will Serve it Shamelessly’. They abuse public trust, power and professional autonomy with impunity.

Of course, it would be unthinkable for a graduate of Nyenga Nursing School to belong to this category of Ugandans who shamelessly serve their self-interest in total disregard of their professional, cultural, spiritual and religious values. I implore you our graduates to reject all temptations that will take you away from the path of serving God’s people with love. Reject the social cancer that is destroying virtues of humanity – Ugandans deserve better; be ethical.

Our graduates permit me to contribute in helping you to reject the many temptations to unethical conduct at your workplaces.  I suggest that you adopt this silent vow, which complements your nursing anthem. You could alternatively adopt them to your professional principles. Say this to yourself whenever you find it appropriate (each time say this vow by stating your full name first then proceed 🙂

  • Having been chosen by my God to be a nurse / midwife, I will always love and do my job well for its own sake without finding excuses for my mistakes and failures
  • In serving my God of true salvation, I will resist the appetite for quick easy money and wealth so as to stay firm in my path to a successful and rewarding nursing /  midwifery career
  • In using my skills and talent to do God’s work, I will always strive to rejuvenate hope and dignity of every single patient that comes into my hands
  • In faith as a believer and in compliance with the fundamental virtues of humanity, I will always reject the increasingly emerging poor work habits because nursing is a noble profession. I will, for instance, use and manage my smartphone and social media platforms not as a village star but a real professional. I pledge never to gossip, engage in cheap talk, and chitchat whenever serving God’s people because I know professionals discuss issues and concerns but not village gossip.
  • Because I know who I am, and what I want to be in this world, I will steadily walk the journey that I started two years ago to be an accomplished nurse / mid wife of national and global repute.

To all of you my colleagues in the entire Nyenga Hospital family, and those comrades on the School Management Committee, and dear staff members I congratulate you. I trust that you are aware that rejecting and defeating Uganda’s social cancer is our collective responsibility.

May we all enjoy the moment and take pride of this achievement. May our graduates professionally grow and develop into shining products of a solid vocational and professional education practice based on effective teaching, guidance and mentorship.

 Robert Jjuuko, Chairperson Management Committee, Nyenga Nursing & Midwifery Training School